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Why Choose a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

A funeral plan is a simple and practical way to plan and pay for your funeral in advance.

Planning for your funeral in advance will help to make things simpler and easier during a difficult time for your family. So by taking out a funeral plan, you not only remove the burden of the cost of the funeral, but also the stress of trying to sort everything out a difficult time.

We offer a selection of 5 plans to suit your needs. They range from those who want a very simple funeral to those who wish for a more elaborate send off. You can also personalise your plan to include those extra special touches.

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All of our plans have a range of flexible payment options to suit your needs:

  • A one-off lump sum: Get instant coverage by paying up-front for your plan
  • 12 monthly payments: Spread the cost of your plan over 12 months, with no Supplement Charge
  • Monthly instalments: Pay over a period of time up to 15 years to suit your lifestyle

Funeral Costs

Protect Yourself From Rising Costs

Funeral costs in the UK are on rise each year. In 2004, the average funeral cost was just £1,920 but has now risen to an all-time high of over £9,000 in 2020 according to Sunlife Cost of Dying Report 2020. By choosing a funeral plan now, you are securing the cost of the Funeral Directors services at today's prices so it will not matter when you pass away the cost remains the same and will cover everything as laid out in your plan. You can have the peace of mind the financial burden of paying for your funeral will not be passed on to your loved ones.

Payment Plans

We have 5 comprehensive prepaid plans for you to choose from as well as a range of flexible payment options to suit your needs. For any of our plans, you are able to choose between a one-off lump sum which gets you instant cover by paying up-front. Or you can choose to spread the cost of your plan over 12 months, with no supplemental charge. However, if those options do not work for your budget, we offer the ability to pay in montly instalments over a period of time, up to 15 years, if needed. No matter how you pay for your plan your money is paid into a secure Trust Fund that is managed by a panel of Independent Trustees alongside leading independent professionals.

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