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Ten Things To Do With Your Loved One’s Ashes

June 9, 2020

Although many people choose the traditional way of keeping their loved one’s ashes in a cremation urn, it is good to have a choice to do something different. Some people get quite anxious about what to do and are unsure if they are doing the right thing. Here are ten ideas for what to do with your loved one’s ashes.

Plant Them

Some companies offer ‘living urns’. This means that your loved one’s ashes are mixed with other nutrients that can be used to grow a tree in your garden or wherever you choose.

Scatter Them In A National Park

This tends to be a popular option and can be a lovely place to rest for a person who loved the outdoors and nature. You just need to check on the guidelines for this on their individual websites.

Scatter At Sea

Another popular option for the deceased, who had a strong association with the sea, or perhaps for keen anglers who had a favourite stretch of the riverbank. There is no legal hindrance to the scattering of ashes on rivers or within UK waters.

A Flower Urn:

This is a little different from simply scattering the ashes at sea. A flower is made from biodegradable paper with the ashes attached. This is then released into a lake/river or sea and then floats for a while before it gradually sinks and dissolves.

Put The Ashes Into A Teddy Bear

Some people choose to have the ashes stuffed in an animal urn. There are companies on the internet that create stuffed animals with special compartments for storing cremated ashes. Some people do find it comforting to hold a bear with the ashes of their loved ones so close.

Memorial Jewellery

Some people choose to keep their loved ones close to their hearts. A small amount of the ashes can be placed inside a locket. You can also create a beautiful diamond from your loved one’s cremated ashes.

Out of a Plane

This has become quite popular and means that you can scatter the persons’ ashes over quite a wide area of a location of your choice. Most pilots who specialize in aerial scattering have apparatus attached to the plane which efficiently spreads the ashes.

Memorial Tattoo

There are some tattoo studios now which will customise their tattoo ink to contain some of the remains of your loved one which can be used in a range of designs. There are not many studios yet that do it, but no doubt it will become more popular.

Football Club

If your loved one was football mad, you can have a funeral service on the grounds of the club. The ashes are laid next to the goal line during the service and at the end of the football season, the ashes are scattered carefully on the pitch once it is re-seeded.

Heavenly star fireworks

There is a UK based company that has a cannon that can shoot more than seventy feet in the air. The rocket incorporates cremation ashes which are mixed with confetti and streamers which can shoot from the cannon. This makes a beautiful display and allows for a wide scattering of ashes seen by all the loved ones. This is a wonderful way to celebrate a life rather than mourn it.

Playable Vinyl Records

If your loved one was a music lover, there is a company that will turn the ashes into a vinyl record. If you send the music or the voice recording and cover image, the company will create a memorial for you that you can listen to for years to come.