Tips For Tidying The Garden Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

June 9, 2020

A good way to pass the time, while saving some money, can be sorting out the garden. Here are some tips for tidying the garden amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Many people do this in the early spring after their garden was ruined in the autumn and winter months by heavy rain and wind causing branches to fall. You may have overgrown grass to control, flower beds to renew and seeds to prepare for the summer ahead.

There are lots of ways to tidy the garden – many being simple yet effective. To start, take a bin bag to the garden and pick up any rubbish that has blown in, following with your green bin to pick up the fallen leaves and branches. Taking a weed knife to the unwelcome weeds in your garden makes a huge difference to the appearance of your garden with minimal time and effort.

Tidying up the lawn and overgrown hedges can be a challenge depending on the size of your garden. It can take more than one attempt to get it perfected if the length is too out of control. For longer grass, set your lawnmower to the long cut setting, followed by the short cut setting over the next couple of days.

Having a tidy garden is important to many, for various reasons. In addition to having a garden to be proud of, those with young children need to ensure their garden is safe for them to play. To others, gardening is simply a hobby providing enjoyment and satisfaction.

If you have a shed or garage that has been neglected recently, now’s the time to organise that too. Have a sort, tidy it up, and look to sell the old items that you don’t need while disposing of your unsellable bits! By doing this you can generate a little cash flow for purchasing new plants for the summer ahead.

Once the hard work has been done around the garden, add some extras to complete your masterpiece! Simple decorations such as a water feature in the corner or a hanging basket near the front door will complete the look.

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